Pet Stains & Odor Removal

How can a Professional Clean Help Me?

Professional Carpet Cleaning and You

For the millions of pet owners across the country, you’re likely no stranger to carpet stains due to a young pup or kitten. We all know the frustration of picking up after your pet and then spending up to an hour trying to get the stain out, only to throw up your hands in defeat. Removing stains once they’ve set in can require a lot of work and specialized tools to get the job done, and that’s where a carpet cleaning service comes in. Using your vacuum can only do so much, removing just the surface-level dust and dirt. But with a professional clean, not only can they wash out all the stains, but they also remove the built-up debris that can be trapped in your carpet. Things like dust, packed in dirt, pet dander, allergens, food particles, and dust mites can all be in your carpet negatively affecting your health without you even knowing! For people with asthma or other breathing conditions, removing this debris can lead to a notable increase in their quality of life.

Odor Elimination

Another issue that comes with a dust-caked carpet are odors that can be stinking up your home or place of business. You may not notice the smell anymore because you’ve just gotten used to it, but your guests or customers certainly will! A carpet that’s gone a long time without a professional cleaning can fill the room with a musty, off-putting odor that can put people off. Pet owners can also benefit when it comes to the smell department, we’ve all been to an avid cat-owners house and had our nostrils filled with that ammonia aroma! All these problems and more can be solved with an affordable, quick clean from licensed professionals.