do you need to replace tack strips when replacing carpet

Nope! Please leave the old tack strips in place. We should be able to reuse them. If there are any that are in bad shape we will pull them up and replace them when we arrive.

When replacing carpet do you have to replace tack strips? If you’re replacing your old carpet with new wall-to-wall carpet, the existing carpet tack strips can usually remain in place. If the tack strips are rusted, rotted or otherwise damaged, remove and replace them. If you’re installing a different type of flooring, remove the tack strips completely.

How do you keep carpet on tack strips? Place a knee kicker about 3 inches from a long wall near a corner. Use it to push and hook the carpet into position on the tack strip. Move along the wall as you strike the kicker to stretch and pull any wrinkles or slack from the carpet as you latch it to the strips.

Can you install carpet on stairs without tack strips?

Install Carpet Without Tack Strips Small tension rods attached at the base of each stair can be placed to tighten carpet that runs the entire length of the stairs. A small amount of glue at the top and base of each stair can keep it in place. Another option is to carpet each stair individually where the foot lands.

What does Tackless carpet installation mean?

In this installation, strips of wood (called tackless strip) are nailed (or sometimes glued) to the floor around the edges of the room. … Padding is secured to the floor in the middle of the room. The carpet is then attached to the pins around the room. The installer then stretches the carpet tight across the room.

Can you stick carpet to carpet?

In short, it is possible to place carpet over carpet without sacrificing style or the resale value of your home. Doing so can be an inexpensive way to update your room and add a fresh pop of color, but there are some factors to consider before doing so.

Can you put peel and stick carpet over carpet?

Modular plastic flooring over carpet is also a way to create a wood, stone, or tile floor appearance if you select a product with a vinyl laminate surface. … You can put carpet over carpet (modular, but not peel and stick), plastic flooring over carpet (raised base), dance floors over carpet, and more.

Can I put an area rug over wall to wall carpet?

The answer is yes, area rugs can be laid over wall-to-wall carpet!

Is a rug on carpet weird?

Of course it’s okay to put an area rug on a carpet! In fact, put an area rug on top of a larger area rug! … An area rug on top of a carpet covers up and protects worn down carpet fibers or stains. Area rugs can give more comfort to bare feet, help to muffle or reduce noise from adjoining apartments.

Are carpet pads necessary?

Carpet padding is necessary if you want to have a long-lasting, durable floor. … Carpet padding protects your floors and carpet fibers by acting as a cushion against foot traffic. It makes your carpet more comfortable: A carpet pad makes your carpet softer and allows more of a cushion as you walk over the carpet.

What is broadloom carpet?

Broadloom carpet Broadloom (or wall to wall) carpet is manufactured in long, wide rolls and laid on backing material over the substrate flooring.

What does broadloom carpet look like?

The term broadloom is defined as carpet that is woven on a wide loom, and it generally refers to tufted carpet that is installed wall-to-wall. Broadloom is sold on rolls that are a standard width. They are usually 12 feet wide, but can also be 15 feet or 13 feet 6 inches wide.

How long should broadloom last?

Warranties on wear, stains, and “texture retention” (the fibers’ ability to maintain their shape) range from five years to lifetime, but most carpeting is replaced every 10 years or so.

Is broadloom carpet good?

Broadloom carpet is flexible, forgiving and available in an extensive variety of colors and patterns. It can quickly and cost-effectively cover large areas, and the padding helps mask substrate imperfections. But, broadloom carpet does not install as quickly in tighter areas.

How much does broadloom cost?

Depending on which type of finishing you choose (binding, serging or fringing) and local pricing, the finishing could range between approximately $50 and $100, bringing your rug up an approximate total of $370—a huge difference in overall cost when compared to a pre-made rug.

How do you clean broadloom?

The most effective cleaning method by hot water extraction employs a pre-spray chemistry coupled with agitation. Always thoroughly rinse any detergents from the carpets with water only as to impede accelerated soiling. If detergent residue or build up exists, clean the carpets with hot water only.

How is broadloom carpet installed?

Broadloom carpet installation requires emptying the entire space to be carpeted. Large breadths of carpet are installed as panels, going in side by side in a large, open space or dropped and cut in for smaller office-type spaces.

How do you cut broadloom carpet?

Carpet should be cut from the face using a loop pile cutter. When the selvedge has been trimmed, the edges should be prepared for seaming by applying a bead of carpet edge sealer along both sides of the seam and at the base of the tufts. Once the edges are properly sealed, the carpet is ready for seaming.

How do I make carpet seams less visible?

Use a seaming iron to press the seams together onto the tape so that both pieces of carpet firmly adhere to the seam tape. Weigh down that section with weights or something heavy and allow it to dry and cool. When you remove the weight, comb through the seam with a seam comb to make the carpet look smooth and nice.