can you use ajax on carpet

There’s actually several things you should not wash with Ajax® Ultra. It’s not supposed to be used on carpet and rug stains. And please, never think about using it for bathing or shampooing. Also, don’t use it as a replacement for Laundry Detergent.

Can you use Ajax bleach on carpet? 1. Bleach. … Bleach will likely end up doing nothing more than leaving a large unsightly bleach stain on your carpet. But if you do end up using bleach regardless, you’ll need to make sure all of it comes out of the carpet because it’s toxic if inhaled.

What can Ajax cleaner be used for? It wipes down appliances, marble and granite. You can also use it to clean stainless steel appliances, blinds, bathroom/shower, walls, floors and even patio furniture!

Can Comet be used on carpet?

A trick my dad taught me is to (lightly) sprinkle your carpet with Comet before vacuuming. Let it sit for about 3-5 minutes before vacuuming. It will disinfect the carpet, and while, yes, Comet is bleach, leaving it on for only 3-5 minutes will not change the color of your carpet.

What should you not use Comet on?

Comet powdered cleanser is not recommended for use on silver, painted surfaces, walls, soft plastic, aluminum, and rubber.

What surfaces can I use Comet on?

The product is non-abrasive, easy to use, and safely cleans surfaces of acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic, Formica™, enamel, chrome, synthetic or cultured* marble, granite and stainless steel.

Can I use Comet to clean my floor?

Best floor cleaner!! Sprinkle comet on the floor, then in a bowl mix bleach and hot water. Use a scrub brush and The results are fabulous!! … Use a scrub brush and The results are fabulous!!

What is Comet good for?

Comet Cleansers are safe to use on many of today’s surfaces This all-purpose cleanser cleans and deodorizes—all without leaving a scratch. Dissolves soap scum and hard water film. Disinfects and cleans tough stains. Porcelain, Stainless steel, Fiberglass, Corian, Solid surfaces, Natural marble, Ceramic tile.

Will Comet cleaner scratch glass?

Other cooks, finding ammonia too weak to clean a glass-ceramic stovetop, turn to abrasive chemical cleaners, such as Ajax or Comet, or use abrasive sponges like Scotch-Brite Scour Pads. These cleaners are too harsh for glass-ceramic stovetops and can cause surface scratches.

Is Comet and Ajax the same thing?

The main variation is the surfactant used by Ajax and Comet. Ajax’s formula utilizes sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate as its primary surfactant, while Comet uses alkylbenzene sulfonic acid. There are no significant differences between these two surfactants; both have the same purpose (lift and remove dirt/stains).

Is Ajax cleaner still available?

Currently, Ajax Powdered Cleanser and Ajax Dishwashing Liquid are the only two Ajax products sold by Colgate-Palmolive in the United States. In 2005, Colgate-Palmolive licensed the American and Canadian rights to the Ajax brand name for laundry detergent products.

Is Ajax cleaner safe?

In terms of safety, the manufacturer warns that Ajax is an eye and skin irritant. Its Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) also states that “overexposure … may cause respiratory irritation” and that Ajax contains crystalline silica, a low-level carcinogen.

What happens if you inhale Ajax?

INHALATION: Overexposure to dust may cause respiratory tract irritation. CHRONIC: This product contains a small amount of crystalline silica, a naturally occurring impurity in calcium carbonate.

Is Ajax an abrasive cleaner?

Abrasives – Be Careful When You Clean On the flipside, household cleaners like Comet and Ajax include abrasives that when used over time may damage finishes.

Is Ajax a bleach?

AJAX All Purpose Powder Cleanser with Bleach, 28 Ounce.

What can Ajax be mixed with?

Mixing Bleach and Ajax Ajax has been paired with bleach by generations of house cleaners who want to create gleaming surfaces. Mixing extra bleach with Ajax isn’t a good idea because it can create a toxic cloud that can be overwhelming. People may be surprised that this cleaning powerhouse already contains bleach.

Is Ajax a good cleaner?

Ajax powder, composed of calcium and sodium carbonates plus bleach, is a mild abrasive cleanser good for removing soap scum and grime. Clorox bleach removes stains, mold and mildew, but it’s also an effective disinfectant capable of killing infectious bacteria and viruses.

Can you mix Ajax and Lysol?

There’s at least one lysol toilet bowl cleaner that is mostly hydrochloric acid, and at least one Ajax cleanser that contains bleach. Mixing these two might produce toxic chlorine gas. Even this is not certain, because “bleach” can refer to more than one chemical. Do not mix household cleaners.

Can you mix Pine Sol and Ajax?

“We do not recommend mixing any Pine-Sol product with other cleaning products or chemicals. Mixing cleaners can result in the release of hazardous gases.”

Is Ajax powder a disinfectant?

Ajax Powder Cleanser is a Lemon, Household Grade Disinfectant; Made in Australia. Use with confidence on porcelain, enamel and nonporous tiles.