can you put laminate flooring on top of carpet underlay

Although re-using your underlay may be appealing, using a carpet underlay with laminate flooring will cause problems in the long run. … If you install laminate on top of a carpet underlay, the floor will be too bouncy and spongy, which can damage the locking system and provide an uncomfortable feel.

Do you put underlay under laminate? Underlayment for laminate flooring is a must. Since laminate is a floating floor, it must be evenly distributed across your subfloor. Underlayment is what allows the floor to float, gives it stability, support, noise reduction, and supports the locking systems in between planks to assure the sturdiest flooring project.

What underlay goes under laminate flooring? The normal choice is a thin foam pad material made of polyethylene or polypropylene, which rolls out in sheets. Plywood subfloors: A breathable foam-type underlayment is generally used when installing laminate flooring over plywood or OSB subfloors.

Can I use old underlay for laminate flooring?

You can reuse old laminate flooring underlay, provided it’s still in good shape. Where you decide to reuse underlay, you should ensure that there are no rips and that it’s capable of covering the entirety of where you’re installing your laminate floor without any gaps.

What happens if you put laminate over carpet?

Installing laminate flooring over carpet is not recommended in most installation situations. Since carpet is usually plush and soft, your laminate flooring would not have the support it needs to keep the locking system sturdy. … These carpets should never have laminate flooring installed on top of them.

Is it OK to put a rug on top of carpet?

Area rugs generally work best over short-pile or looped carpet. … Don’t put an area rug over a very long-pile carpet, such as a frieze or a newer “soft carpet” (such as SmartStrand) because the area rug will not have firm support, and will shift, buckle and wrinkle.

How do you cover a carpet you don’t like?

Area Rug Camouflage An area rug is a relatively inexpensive purchase, and it’s great for hiding an unattractive carpet that you can’t remove. A rug of the right size will cover most, if not all, of the carpet beneath, completely transforming a room.

Can you lay laminate over floor boards?

Technically, laminate can be installed over existing wood floors but certain conditions should be met to get it installed properly. One of which is that the wood floor should be flat, and free from any height variations. And there are still others to be checked before installing it over wood.

Do I need a damp proof membrane under laminate floor?

Do I need a DPM under laminate flooring? Simply put yes. In order to prevent damp rising through the concrete floor and causing issues, a DPM should be used under all final floor types including wood flooring, laminate, vinyl and floor tiles.

Can you lay new flooring over old flooring?

You certainly do not want to attach or glue your new floor right to the existing one, as your new installation will only be as sound as the one before it, and most manufacturers will void their warranty if you do so. In short, layers can cause problems.

What happens if you put laminate on uneven floor?

You should not put laminate on an uneven floor. … Laminate that is installed on an uneven floor will settle into the uneven surfaces. This will affect the quality of the final product. The dips in the subfloor will create an air gap under the boards, which is what causes laminate floors to pop and creak under your feet.

How smooth does floor need to be for laminate?

Most manufacturers recommend that the floor be flat to within 3/16” in a 10 ft. radius. These measurements are consistent with most other types of floor coverings. On floating floors, vertical movement needs to be kept to a minimum.

Does floor need to be level for laminate?

The only leveling you need to do is to smooth out the surface to get rid of any bumps or dents. This is the foundation on which you surface (finished) surface rests. It gives sturdiness and balance and is attached to the floor joists. In a kitchen, appliances are usually attached to this surface.

Why does my laminate floor feels spongy?

There are six potential reasons why a laminate floor feels spongy. Reasons include damage to the laminate floor from water or termites, various installation issues including an uneven subfloor, insufficient expansion gap or underlay problems, and, finally, specific subfloor structural issues.

How soon can you walk on laminate flooring?

wait for the floor to cure Before you use your new floor or move into the room, make sure the floor is completely cured. Do not walk on the floor for 24 hours after installation. If you do, it will damage the installation, resulting in an uneven floor.

What type of flooring is best for an uneven floor?

Carpet is the perfect material for uneven flooring. You can roll, bend, fold and buckle carpet any way you like and can do so easily. Carpet will conform to the shape of your floor, and plush carpets will even hide the deformities in your floor to create a more even look.