can you lay lino over carpet

Linoleum needs a flat, solid surface for installation. … Just like ceramic tile, linoleum needs to be installed on a flat surface that will bond with the adhesive used in installation, such as plywood or cement, but not carpet or carpet padding.

Can you put Lino over a carpet? If you’re planning on installing laminate or vinyl flooring in a room with carpet, one of the questions you’re probably asking yourself is, “Can you lay laminate or vinyl flooring over carpet?” Yes, you can install your laminate or vinyl planks without necessarily having to remove an existing carpet.

Can you put vinyl flooring over carpet? You can lay your vinyl planks over your carpet if you cannot strip it off your floor for one reason or another. Depending on what type of carpet you have on your floor, you can lay your vinyl planks directly on top of it, or you can put a wooden board over the carpet first before laying the planks.

Can I lay carpet over carpet?

You can lay carpet over existing carpet, but this is not a method that is typically encouraged. If you do lay carpet over carpet, be sure you have a low-pile carpet underneath to get tack strips a better chance for attaching and consider installing a light-grade underlayment.

Can old carpet be used as underlay?

Placing an area rug on the existing carpeting is also perfectly acceptable. Apply a thin underlayment. Laying down a thin plywood underlayment atop the old low-pile carpet is better than just putting the new carpet straight onto the existing carpeting.

Can you just lay carpet down?

A cut-to-fit installation can be laid directly on the floor, or over a pad. If a pad is used, it should be a firm dense pad (like felt) to minimize the possibility of buckles or ripples. There are several reasons someone may choose to have a loose laid carpet including: Landlord will not allow carpet to be installed.

Do I need underlay for carpet?

Does carpet need underlay? Yes, All carpets apart from felt-backed carpets should have underlay. Obviously budget is sometimes an issue with underlays, but it is well worth the extra money.

How much does it cost to carpet a room UK?

So, The total cost of carpet, underlay, fittings and labour for a medium–sized room, say 4.5m x 3.5m would be between £350 to £550. Similarly, a small room, say 3m x 3.5, costs between £350 and £450. While a large room about 5.25m x 5m will cost about £800 to £900.

What thickness should I allow for carpet and underlay?

Generally speaking 7mm is about as thin as you want to go unless you have a specialist need for something thinner, but 8-12mm is the band most manufacturers produce carpet underlay with 9-11mm being the most popular products.

Can I glue carpet to underlay?

Carpet is fully adhered to the underlay using a permanent type adhesive. Apply tackifier to sub-floor using a roller, tackifier trowel or brush and allow to dry. Lay out the underlay onto the sub-floor (printed side up) ensuring the underlay seams are closely butted together and run at 90° to any carpet seams.

Should carpet fitters use glue?

3 Answers from MyBuilder Carpet & Lino Fitters With regards to the laminate, no glue should be used unless stated that is a stick together product (rarely are!) there should always be an expansion gap left then usually we cover with a beading or the skirting board once laminate is fitted.

Why do carpet fitters use spray?

“If you are having a feltback carpet fitted the fitter will use a spray adhesive around the perimeter of the room, this can easily be pulled back to gain access if needed.”

Do you need to stick underlay down?

Do you need to staple down underlay? To ensure that the underlay is secure and stays in place, you should staple down the underlay or use an adhesive to glue it down into place. This will ensure that your flooring is level and doesn’t move when it is walked across, or furniture is placed into the room.

Which way do you lay carpet underlay?

Lay the carpet underlay It’s important to ensure the underlay is rubber or foam-side down. Try to keep the underlay as straight (and bump-free!) as possible and secure in place – either by stapling inside the gripper or by using an effective adhesive.

Can you put carpet down without skirting boards?

Should skirting boards touch the floor? Whether to install skirting boards with a gap or not depends on the type of flooring you are laying. Carpets need to be fitted against the skirting boards, not underneath them.

Do you tape underlay together?

You should make sure that the underlay extends up the wall by at least 5 cm. … On wooden and other types of floor lay the underlay with the rubber side down, and again tape the seams with an appropriate underlay tape. When fitting the underlay leave a 5-10mm gap around pipes.